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What is ESS (Employee Self Service Solution)?

An Employee Self Service (ESS) solution is a software or platform that allows employees to access and manage their own HR-related information and perform various HR-related tasks through a self-service portal.

How Choosing ESS help Companies Thrive their Business Growth?

Here are the top  benefits of using an ESS solution for companies:

Accuracy: With ESS you get accurate, error free and up-to-date employee data.

Data Security: Enabled with Robust security, allows to protect sensitive employee information.

Accessibility: Employees can have 24/7 access to their HR information from any device & any platform .

Cost Savings: By streamlining processes and reducing paperwork, ESS enables Paperless Payroll , lowers operational costs.

Communication: Improved Communication Between employees and HR departments, improving transparency and engagement.

Empowerment: Employees can manage their own HR tasks, such as updating personal information and submitting time-off requests.

Enhanced Efficiency: ESS helps to automate HR processes, reducing the time and effort required for routine administrative activities.

Productivity: By reducing the administrative workload for HR teams, can  focus more task like , talent management and workforce planning.

What you get with AP&T ESS SOLUTION 

✅Easy Onboarding

✅Paperless Payroll

✅Smooth HR Activities

✅Own time Tracking

✅Leave Tracker & Automated Leaves

✅Attendance Management

✅Employee can work Anytime Anywhere

✅Access Personal information at fingertips

✅Expense, Performance & Gratuity

✅Manage Employee Skillsets

✅Manage Training & Performance

✅Integration with Microsoft 365 & Power BI

so stop waiting , improve operational efficiency, cost savings, compliance, and employee satisfaction, with APT ESS .

Want to know how Choosing APT ESS a valuable tool for the organization help you in  Business Transformation. 

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