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Top 6 Benefits of Dynamics 365 for Hospitality

Why should Cafe & Restaurants choose Dynamics 365?

Mantra for Hospitality “Win the Customer for Life with Good Food & Service”

Invest Today for Better Tomorrow

Today in Digital World in order to run Business Smoothly, Step Ahead in Business Competition, you need to create Brand Awareness, Stay Up to Date on social media, Digital Signage to attract visitors, must have Business on Mobile App, Focus on Online Ordering, Reservations, Bookings, Customer Loyalty programs etc. So, for all this to cover Dynamics 365 UAE will come as ultimate Winner. It has all the things need to make your New Startup Cafe or Well-Established Restaurant needed to Be More Productive and Successful, all you do is to serve your Customers the Best to make them do repeat visits can be achieved with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central all in One Comprehensive Solution to Take your Hospitality Business to Next Level 

Let’s see Top 6 Benefits of Dynamics 365 for Hospitality

1.Omnichannel Experience:

Customers can connect anytime anywhere, Mobile apps gives more Flexibility, Reliability, Less Time Consumption and Quick Service with Flexible Payment Options

2.Boost Productivity:

End to End Managed Processes from Point OF Sales to Back Office Operations, with Azure cloud Connectivity helps to Improve Business Efficiency & Increase ROI

3.More Customer Engagement:

Artificial Intelligence makes easy Customer Interaction, Chatbots smartly handle Customer Inquiries, Advance Ordering System avoid the Human Errors, Kitchen Display System leads to Quick Response and speedup Preparation & Delivery with Accuracy, creating Happy Customer results in more Customer Aquisition and Retention

4.360-degree View of Business:

Employers, Supervisors, Business Owners can access Real Time Data Analytics, Graphical Reports with Dimensions

5.Eliminate the Gaps with Advance Supply Chain:

KDS,Advance Inventory & Procurement, Delivery Management, Table Management help to Streamline Business processes, Business Owners can easily track their Stock, Managed Inventory helps to reduce waste and increase ROI leads to more Profitability forecasting, optimization, and cost reduction.

6.Brand Awareness & Loyalty:

Loyalty Program, Social Media Presence, API Integration, Mobile Application, Special Offers, Cashbacks, Discounts, can create more Brand Awareness and Results in more Customer Acquisition and Retention so let’s Move to Microsoft dynamics 365 business central uae and Give Boost to Your Hospitality Business

1. Customer & Employee Management

2. Reservation & Table Management

3. Menu & Order Management

4. Purchase & Sales

5. Inventory, Stock, Waste Management

6. Delivery & Loyalty Management and many more 

1.Saas Pricing

2.Easy Navigation

3.Platform Independent

4.Inbuild Microsoft 365 & Power Apps

5.Integrated with KDS

6.Multi Company,Multi Currency,Multi Store 

7.Responsive Monitors

8.Cost Effective 

so, stop waiting let’s Move to AP&T Business Solutions, One of Trusted Microsoft dynamics partners in uae ,offered Dynamics 365 Hospitality Solution & Create Secured Future!!

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