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LS Retail has released two new versions of LS First. Let’s take a look at what is new and improved in the system.

LS First on Microsoft Dynamics 365, version 1.0.1

Faster ordering
Using our new automated testing, we have reviewed most of the key processes at the POS, focusing in specific on Split check, Table management, Recipes/modifiers and Meals/deal modifiers.

These processes were improved by removing some of the lag time. As a result, servers can now move as fast as the customer who is ordering. The changes we introduced also enable servers to easily go back and edit the order rapidly when needed, ensuring greater accuracy without sacrificing speed.

Increased stability thanks to automated testing

The LS First team has built a framework to leverage automated tests. Today, each build and release of LS First goes through more than 700 automated tests that were created on purpose, and which allow us to test in a quick, consistent way features and fixes related to the POS running on Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (F&O). As this kind of automated testing is not available in F&O out of the box, this was a demanding project. The team effort produced excellent results: thanks to this new framework, we can now ensure greater consistency and stability in each build.

Now compatible with Dynamics 365 F&O, version 10.0

In April 2019, Microsoft released Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, version 10.0. LS First has been updated to ensure compatibility with this release, which is the catalyst of future releases from Microsoft moving forward. This means that, once you upgrade to the latest version of F&O, you will be able to run LS First keeping up to date with compliance requirements and continuous service updates with new features, enhancements and fixes from both Microsoft and LS First, with your own flexible service update cadence.

LS First on Microsoft Dynamics AX, version

Take precautions against the risk of fraud with loss prevention tools

When it comes to controlling shrinkage, prevention is the best strategy. In North America and Europe, most shrinkage is linked to specific types of return and to cashier’s fraud, which can involve both customers and staff members.

The loss prevention functionality in LS First is designed to prevent unintentional and intentional loss in the retail and hospitality business. New transaction-based triggers help you better identify areas of risk where losses are taking place, with two ultimate goals: stopping current loss and preventing future occurrences. The system analyzes transactional data from the Point of Sale system, identifies abnormal trends in the data, and alerts you if it detects anything out of the ordinary.

The system uses a number of predetermined triggers:

  • Manual discount given
  • Manual price change
  • No sales transactions (income/expense type of transactions, for example cash drawn from the drawer to pay for shoveling snow)
  • Refund over “X”
  • Refund without receipt
  • Return outside normal hours
  • Transaction voids

You can add additional triggers in the system, depending on your business needs.

Better control over labor scheduling enforcement

In this release, we have added new functionality around our labor scheduling enforcement tools for hospitality. The system now includes:

  • offline capabilities, so you can make changes and keep on working even when there is no network connectivity
  • more seamless time-keeping with specific rules per region
  • options for servers to easily close out after their shift
  • detailed checkout report for all workers, including hours worked in each position and the gratuity information for that position, if applicable.

You can now enforce meal and rest breaks for your workers by restaurant or retail store. This helps you easily comply with local labor regulations even when your stores or restaurants are located in different states, and follow separate rules.

Integration with delivery service Olo

Expand your customer base by pairing up with third party delivery services. Thanks to our certified Olo solution, you can now offer customers the possibility to order your menu through mobile and online food ordering platform Olo.