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What is ITSM?
IT services management is a high-level security application used for ensuring that IT applications are working at their optimum levels. A good application monitoring system is always complemented by IT service management. Seen in this light, one cannot have effective IT services management without first ensuring end-to-end monitoring.


Features & Benefits:

To implement consistent delivery
Build a repeatable and predictable set of processes to ensure quality and delivery to the business

Improved quality and efficiency
Measurement and control allows the identification of areas for improvement in terms of quality and cost

Reduced cost of failure
IT incidents and downtime cost money, both in terms of unproductive time for the users of the systems, and potential loss of business if services are not available and customers can potentially go elsewhere

Reduced risk to the business
IT is at the frontline of most businesses these days and any area of risk should be minimized and mitigated. ITSM helps service organizations to reduce the risk of losing services and also speed up recovery time in the event of major losses

Greater visibility of services
This helps management to assess performance clearly and to prioritize changes and resources required to meet business needs