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Allow Brand Shine with Interactive High-Performance Graphics Digital Signage

Perfect Solution for Cafe, Restaurants, Retail, Hospitality, Supermarkets

Are you Tired ? Using Traditional Sign Boards, Banners, Flyers ,Static Signage  to display Products, Weekly offers, Festive Sale etc. Let’s GO Digital!! Accelerate Business Growth by Smartly reaching Customers with AP&T Offered Advantech USM110 4k Ultra Slim Arm-Based Digital Signage Player.

Exclusively Built-in RK3288 – Arm Cortex-A17 Quad-core processor (1.6 GHz), Ultra-Compact, Fanless Design, Multi-Display Full HD 4k & 8k options, Dual HDMI Outputs with Locks Supports native 4K content @60fps, Dual 1080P resolution, with 2 GB onboard memory (4G memory optional) allow users to get more Customer Connect Experience with Interactive Menu Boards. Enabled with Artificial Intelligence which analyzes or modifies the way of Interaction as per user Gender and Age also helps Business Owners to track the user’s Likes and Viewing Time details. Multiple mount options includes VESA, Wall, Pole, Magnet, and DIN-rail. Integration with Internet,Bluetooth,4G LTE modules & Third-Party API.

Equipped with Advantech Wise Paas with CMS that allows users to Layout, Schedule, and Dispatch contents to the USM-110 digital Signage can flow over the Internet, multimedia, and multi-screen displays easily,Equipped with Android DM Remote Management Software helps in Batch Operations and Multi-Device Control, which enables easy Device Configuration, Deployment for convenient Real-Time Control. Highlighted support for Android & Linux OS, Being Lightweight, Space Saver, IoT Gateway makes it User Friendly and Cost-Effective Solution for Every Type of Business.

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