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KAIR runs 15 stores and an e-commerce store selling clothes for babies and children.

KAIR is a leading brand of clothes for babies and children aged 0 to 12. The company runs 15 stores worldwide and an e-commerce store, and is especially popular in the Middle East and India. KAIR is Fine Fair’s in-house baby and children’s clothing brand. Fine Fair opened its doors in 1998, and has since become the leading value fashion and retail department store in the United Arab Emirates. They offer a diverse range of products, including fashion and accessories, homewares, toys, beauty products and confectionary. The company has a clear vision: become a world benchmark for a sustainable and responsible lifestyle, and at the same time make customers feel at home in their stores.

A clear choice: LS Nav

The group realized they needed an extensive merchandising and retail solution for their in-house children fashion brand KAIR. The company decided to implement LS Nav, a complete POS and ERP system based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. LS Nav was implemented in KAIR’s 15 stores in the Arab Gulf states and India. The deployment, which also included implementation of a group loyalty program, was managed by AP&T Business Solutions, a local LS Retail partner.

Total control over the business

With LS Nav in place, KAIR has better control of its critical business information. The brand has also improved management of financial data. As the system is end-to-end, all departments are now connected directly, which has noticeably improved KAIR’s daily business operations. The brand can also better control its inventory and retail sales.